Adult Classes

Fall Classes 

If you are unable to come to the classes listed I can schudule an individual class with you and/or a small group. See Individual/small classes for more information.

All materials for adult classes are included in the cost of workshops and classes. To register go here.



3 Wednesdays, September 19 through October 3, 6 - 8:30 pm

Silk Painting with Dyes

Learn three popular silk painting approaches: resist(like batik), watercolor method, and working with salt and alcohol on silk (which creates beautiful starbursts and dynamic patterns). We’ll mix colors and fix dyes, then discuss alternative silk-painting products and dyes and then steam- or heat-set your work. You’ll create a painting on a square stretcher frame and then apply your new skills to create a scarf. Wear old clothes or a smock. Handouts will be provided.


Sunday, September 30 1 - 4 pm

Nuno Felting Workshop

Discover the art of Nuno felting, a technique that bonds loose merino wool roving to sheer silk chiffon or gauze fabric. Lay down the wool roving on the silk gauze and add soapy water. Through gentle pressure and agitation techniques, matt, condense, and press together merino wool fibers with silk gauze to permanently bond the roving to the silk gauze. Bring old towels to class.


Sunday October 28 , 1–4 p.m.

Paint a Silk Scarf in Day!

You don’t need to spend a lot of time mastering traditional silk painting techniques to make a beautiful hand-painted silk scarf. In this workshop, using steam-set dyes, paint two hand-painted scarves with dyes. Sprinkle salt and drop alcohol to the wet dyes and watch them create beautiful, dynamic starburst effects. Learn how to mix colors, and discuss methods for fixing dyes and steam- or heat-setting your creations, and practice other techniques for painting on silk. Bring your creative ideas to class and take home a packet of helpful materials to assist your future silk painting exploration. The instructor will provide the silk and dyes.